• 卫生服务

    网赌最好最大平台健康中心 is committed to a comprehensive health approach that is sensitive to the needs of our students as adolescent individuals and to the school community as a whole. We encourage students to begin to take responsibility for their physical and mental well being and, 同时, realize their part in regard to the overall well being of the community. While we feel responsible for intervention in treating the illnesses and health needs of our students, we also stress prevention as a means for maintaining optimum wellness.


Phone: 207-824-7733
Fax: 207-824-3085
护士电话(上课时全天候可用): 207-592-1341
Email: healthcenter@souspeine-lefilm.com



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The 网赌最好最大平台 Health Center is staffed by four registered nurses and an administrative assistant. A full-time certified athletic trainer also works closely with the health center and student-athletes. The health center is conveniently located in the middle of campus between Hanscom Hall and the McLaughlin Science Center. The health center has eight beds for students who need nursing care, 用于咨询的私人房间, 还有员工的办公空间.


  • Hours

    护士从早上七点半就到学校了.m. 至下午6时.m. 星期一至星期五. 在健康中心办公时间以外, 有个护士有空, 随叫随到, 在学校上课的时候. On weekends a nurse attends brunch and dinner and is at the Health Center by appointment.
  • 提供的服务

    The 网赌最好最大平台 Health Center provides a range of services to students including nursing care, 处方药物管理, 咨询和心理健康服务, 和更多的.
  • Covid

    For information on Covid protocols and other pandemic-related questions please visit the Covid“资源”页面



  • 运动训练服务

    认证的运动教练与运动员密切合作, coaches, and the Health Center to provide the best care for the students. 运动员可能会因新的或已有的损伤而就诊, 康复, 以及上学期间或放学后的脑震荡管理. The athletic trainer will be present at all home games and practices. Gould has relationships with orthopedics and physical therapists in the area and can arrange additional care as needed.
  • 献血活动

    网赌最好最大平台 hosts an American Red Cross blood drive in the fall. 学生 who are 17 and older (16 with signed parent consent) are eligible to donate. There are volunteer opportunities for students who are not eligible to donate but would like to participate.
  • 脑震荡的协议

    Gould follows standards outlined by Maine Concussion Management Initiative to provide evidenced-based care related to concussions. All students take a baseline IMPACT test within their first few weeks at Gould. The concussion program is supervised by a contracted physician specializing in sports medicine and guides care of the injured student.
  • 咨询/心理保健

    在大多数情况下, a student’s advisor is the usual source for the advice and guidance that an adolescent needs. 遇到困难的学生, 纠结于个人问题, 担心另一个学生, or just needs someone to talk to has several adult support options to choose from: advisor, 宿舍的父母, 老师或教练. Also, 我们的健康中心是一个舒适的, safe and confidential place for students to seek support and guidance.

    When concerns arise that may require greater expertise than the faculty can offer, students may opt to schedule time with one of the Health Center’s counselors for additional support. 开放时间是免费的,私人的,保密的. 学生可以接受持续的专业咨询, 精神病学/心理健康服务, 以及心理/教育测试.
    网赌最好最大平台与各种各样的当地顾问合作, 心理医生和精神科医生满足心理健康需求.

    这些供应商独立于网赌最好最大平台. Providers will either see students in the counseling room at the Gould Health Center, 或者在他们当地的办公室.
  • 医生的预约

    网赌最好最大平台 Health Center works closely with the Bethel Family Health Center (BFHC). The BFHC is ½ mile from campus and staffed with doctors and physician assistants. The BFHC is a family medicine practice that offers sick visits, 免疫接种, 物理考试, 避孕管理(包括保密预约), 以及实验室/x光服务.

    满足BFHC以外的需求, 我们利用包括运动医学在内的专家, 脊椎按摩疗法, 物理治疗, 骨科等. 网赌最好最大平台健康中心 also has relationships with local dentists, orthodontists, and optometrists.

    在紧急情况下, there are several local hospitals and urgent care centers within 30 minutes.  
  • 健康教育

    Health education is ongoing at Gould through various assemblies, 小组讨论, 演讲嘉宾及影片, 课堂教学课程, and multiple impromptu opportunities through adult modeling and health care delivery. Designed to provide the school community with useful current information and to better equip students and faculty with strategies for healthful living, 涉及的领域包括营养, fitness, 性问题和人际关系, tobacco, 酒精和其他药物教育, 以及压力管理.
  • 流感疫苗

    Each fall the health center runs an on-campus influenza vaccine clinic. 我们强烈建议所有学生接种流感疫苗.
  • 药物管理

    如果寄宿学生服用处方药, a medication form must be completed and signed by the prescribing physician. 学生注册日, the nurses will review the medication schedule with each student and parents along with our policies and procedures. 任何控制, 兴奋剂, 麻醉, 或者精神药物, 以及异维甲酸(维甲酸), are required to be kept at the Health Center and administered by the nurses. 网赌最好最大平台健康中心 stocks most over-the-counter medications for acute needs. 某些类型的药物(抗生素), 哮喘药物, birth control pills) may be allowed in a student’s room on a case by case basis.

    It is the students’ responsibility to report to the Gould Health Center for their scheduled medication. 网赌最好最大平台在药房工作, SchoolMed, to provide regularly scheduled medicines in pre-packaged individual doses for safety. 所有处方药必须通过SchoolMed填写, unless for acute conditions such as when an antibiotic may be needed.
  • 护理

    网赌最好最大平台有四名全职员工, 专业学校护士, 有资格的运动教练, and an administrative assistant to meet student health care needs. 护士的工作重点是预防疾病和残疾, 以及及早发现和纠正健康问题. 学校的护士在预防保健方面是独一无二的, 健康评估, 以及转诊程序.  

    学生 who are ill or injured and unable to attend classes or activities must come to the Health Center for evaluation. Sick or injured students will be cared for in the health center during the class day and during afternoon activity time, 由护士决定.
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